You don’t need to wear 3D glasses, and the picture can fly to your eyes when you stand in front of the big screen, just like you are in the scene. This is the visual experience brought by the Naked eye 3D video. With the rapid development of the economy, the public has aesthetic fatigue from traditional advertising, and the Naked eye 3D video shows more specific and vivid products and services to the public in a limited time. It not only increases the amount of information disseminated, but also attracts the audience’s attention, making the information dissemination more complete, improving the audience’s viewing completion rate, and greatly improving the publicity effect.

Type and Cost

Naked Eye 3D Video Customization

Scene Animation

In the animation video, except for the character shape, all the object shape designs that change with time, the scene unfolds around the story, and all the scenes surrounding the character and related to the character, that is, the place where the character is located, furnishings, social environment, natural environment, and historical environment, are the scope of design.

The content displayed usually includes ocean, forest, science fiction, space, etc., with a price range of 20000 to 50000 usd (factors affecting the price: hardware resolution, content production time, specific script scheme).

Character animation

Character animation is to simulate or create organisms that exist or do not exist in reality through different forms of expression, The character is a person or an animal. It pays more attention to the body proportion, body language, and facial expression of the role, and endows the shape and soul consistent with the theme of the role;

Display content: convey thoughts and feelings with both voice and emotion and expression. Character animation takes three-dimensional virtual characters and animals as the main image to interpret the joys and sorrows, and has more affinity and visual shock.

Price range: 30000-100000usd (influencing price factors: hardware resolution, film duration, character type, number of characters, specific scheme)

Naked Eye 3D Video Customization
Naked Eye 3D Video Customization

Fluid animation

The combination of gas and liquid is an effect of simulating liquid flow in post-production. Because of the variety of forms and rich colors, it has attracted many people’s attention and love.

Display content: The fluid behavior simulated by computer can increase the realism of virtual display, bring strong visual shock to visitors, and better set off the environment atmosphere.

Price range: 20000 to 80000usd (price factors: hardware resolution, film duration, fluid type, specific scheme)

Particle animation

Particle animation is composed of a large number of randomly generated particles in a certain range that generate motion, and is widely used to simulate weather systems, smoke lighting effects, and other aspects. The form is changeable and the sense of hierarchy is strong, creating a strong visual impact.

Display content: The display is rich in content and strong in stereoscopic sense. It is mostly presented with pictures of explosion, rain, snow, fog, fireworks, etc. Its style is cool, leaving a deep visual memory for the audience.

Price range: 20000 to 80000usd(price factors: hardware resolution, film duration, special effect type, specific scheme)

Naked Eye 3D Video Customization


Generally, we need customers to provide simple scripts, including graphics and text or video, and then we will discuss the feasibility of scripts according to customers’ needs. When the preliminary plan is determined and the customer needs to pay a deposit, we start to make it. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Every small part of our production will be sent to the customer for confirmation and we strictly require ourselves. Perfectionism means our team. When the video has been delivered and all expenses have been paid, we are still willing to make small changes for customers. 

So are you ready? Let’s start together.