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Be our Partner: A Future Business Opportunity

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Be our Partner: A Future Business Opportunity-Interactive Floor Projection, Wall Projection, Interactive Projection Games Supplier
Be our partner: What is AR Interactive Projection?

With the advancement of science, it is not surprising that people are pursuing new things. Holographic interactive projection is a novel and extraordinary way of display. Visitors can interact through holographic display glass, giving visitors a sense of mystery and magic. Through various technologies, people fully integrate multi-light source visual products, holographic visual products, and holographic materials, slowly changing people’s aesthetic attitude towards traditional acoustic, electric, and projection technologies, and bringing people unprecedented visual impact.

One of the main benefits of interactive projection is its versatility. Because it can be used on so many different surfaces, it can be adapted to a wide range of applications. This means that interactive projection can be used to create experiences that are both fun and educational and can be customized to match the needs of different audiences.

Another benefit of the interactive projection business is that it is a relatively new industry, meaning that it is still ripe for innovation and growth. This means that there is plenty of room for new companies and entrepreneurs to enter the market and make a name for themselves.

Be our partner: Applications

Interactive projection technology has a wide range of applications in various industries such as entertainment, education, advertising, and even healthcare. Some of the significant areas where interactive projection can be used are:

  1. Museums and exhibitions: Interactive projection can be used in museums and exhibitions as an innovative way to present information. It can help create a more immersive and engaging experience for visitors.
  2. Retail: Interactive projection technology can be used in retail to create more interactive and engaging product displays, allowing customers to view and interact with products using gestures and virtual touch.
  3. Education: Interactive projection can be used to create an interactive learning experience for students. It can help teachers to make their lessons more interactive and effective, allowing them to communicate complex information in an interactive manner.
  4. Entertainment and gaming: Interactive projection can be used in entertainment and gaming to provide a more immersive experience for users. It can create visually stunning and interactive environments, allowing users to engage directly with the content.
  5. Healthcare: Interactive projection can be used in healthcare to create an interactive and engaging environment for patients. It can be used to provide interactive physical therapy exercises, interactive patient education, and even distraction therapy for pain management.

Be our Partner: A Future Business Opportunity-Interactive Floor Projection, Wall Projection, Interactive Projection Games Supplier

In conclusion, interactive projection technology has various applications in different industries, and its versatility makes it an exciting and innovative business opportunity. With its potential for creating visually stunning and highly interactive experiences, it provides a new dimension for companies to explore in various industries.

Be our partner: What do we offer?

● Technical Training

Our company offers 360-degree technical training for our partners, to help them better serve their local customers.

●Discount Price

We provide a discount price for our VIP partners, in addition to the normal price.

●Partnership Protection

We also offer partnership protection by only recruiting one partner in certain countries and regions.

●Lifelong time updating

Our partners can benefit from lifelong time updating themes and technology.


At our company, we are looking for worldwide partners who are interested in joining us in the interactive projection business. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or simply have a passion for technology and innovation, we believe that this is an opportunity worth exploring.

As a partner with us, you will have access to the latest technology in interactive projection, as well as the support of a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to helping you succeed. We will work with you to develop a customized business plan that suits your needs and goals and provide ongoing training and support to help you grow your business.

Who can be our partner?

We are looking for partners worldwide, To join DIFWOD, we hope you can meet the following three conditions:

  • You have some local relations, but you don’t know how to make that into business with them
  • You make a lot of money but work hard. You want to be more relaxed, and earn more and faster
  • You promised to learn the business model of cultural and creative lighting in DIFWOD, which will not be publicized

If you are interested in that, please contact us at [email protected]